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Mighty Oak Cabins


The land where Mighty Oak Cabins resides is full of colorful history. Dating back to the 1800s, the historic events that took place on Anvil Lake is what makes it a unique part of the Northwoods.

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Earliest records as a Lumber Camp

The earliest record of events dates back to the late 1800s when the land was part of a major lumbering camp. Lead by Mr. Archemball and Mr. Demoy, the camp was in business until the early 1900s.
Vilas Co Lumber Company.gif

Croatian Farmers Arrive

When the vast forests had been cut over and the lumbermen had departed, Joseph Habrich took possession of the land, a settlement of Croation immigrants developed on the site of the old lumber camp. Between 1915-1920, Joseph Habrich brought 100 of his countrymen to the Eagle River Area and settled about 35 families on Anvil Lake.

From Lumber to Potatoes

Habrich also organized the Farmer's Welfare Association which was composed of Croatian farmers. The Croatians farmed potatoes on the shores of Anvil Lake. The Croatian settlement and potato farm was soon driven out by the harsh winters that killed production. 

Introducing Camp Glen Eden

In the early 1930s, George and Lilian Branovitz of Chicago acquired the land and established Camp Glen Eden. This lively Summer camp was made for young Jewish boys from the Chicago area as a getaway from the rising Gangster Era. Glen Eden was a fun camp filled with outdoor activities from water skiing and scuba diving, to hunting and archery. The camp lasted 8-weeks and averaged 100 campers each Summer.

Deserted Camp to Family Resort

In 1961, Camp Glen Eden was sold to new owners who ran the camp into bankruptcy. With everything left behind, the camp became deserted and home to local vandals. In 1990, Chuck and Pam Zaugg bought the run-down camp and started transforming it into the brand-new Zaugg's Resort. Chuck began constructing each chalet with the help of friends and family. By 1995, the Zaugg family had built 5 chalets and would go on to build a 6th and  a resort lodge. The resort quickly became a fun family vacation spot and has continued as a memorable tradition for families year after year. 
Zaugg pic 2.jpg

Zaugg's Resort to Mighty Oak Cabins

After battling lung cancer, Chuck Zaugg passed away in December, 2019. Deciding to pass the tradition onto others, Pam began selling each chalet to new owners. Darrell and Susan Henricksen connected with Pam through a mutual friend and jumped on the opportunity to own part of the former resort. The Henricksen's bought 2 of the chalets and have converted them into what is now known as Mighty Oak Cabins. Keeping traditions alive, the Henricksen's will continue renting out the cabins as vacation rental properties so that guests can experience the Northwoods and all it has to offer.
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